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Davis is indeed Friendly

Davis Really Is Friendly

Simpsons Evolution Video

UC Davis Beats Stanford Game 1 of NCAA Baseball Playoffs

Colbert is now obsessed with Microbes

Top 10 Things Francis Collins Might Do After NHGRI

Francis Collins SteepingStepping Down from NHGRI

Genomics By Press Release Award #2: Lieden Leiden University and the First "Female" Genome

What to do when a billionaire loves your brother ...

Search for life on Mars

ASM Meeting Preview: Give your input to the National Science Foundation's Microbiology Programs ...

Lederberg Workshop Rest of the Story

Lederberg Workshop LiveNotes

Lederberg Workshop Intro

Joshua Lederberg Papers on the Web (well, most of them)

Microbial Evolution and co-Adaptation: A Workshop in Honor of Joshua Lederberg - Institute of Medicine

Open Evolution - Open Taxonomy Mailing List

Calling all microbiologists --- we need better PR to compete with the platypus and other cutesies

Explorit Videos on Youtube

Icky Stuff at Long's

Kudos to New Scientist's "24 myths and misconceptions" about evolution

Help save Davis' Schools ...

Save Davis' Schools

SPARC and Science Commons release guide to creating institutional open acces policies

Science Commons » Blog Archive » Rockefeller U. Press Uses CC Licenses to Reduce Permission Barriers