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#PLoS Currents is live, in case you missed it ...

Ted Kennedy in Pubmed Central #openaccess

UC asking for people to write letter to government

Good move or not? - UC decides faculty furlough's will not be

YARFOS: Yet another reason for #OpenScience - getting useful input from reviewers

RIN/NESTA open science case studies project

Thanks ASM for your offer of a Credit Card with APR of up to 17.99%

Fun w/ web ads: Science words banned by @carlzimmer featured in his ads

Petition to Support the Redesign of Fifth Street in #Davis CA

More phishing pretending to be from Elsevier ...

Of Davis Interest: Video on New Urbanism

Nice Video on Science 2.0 w/ Stephen Friend, @jimmy_wales, John Wilbanks & @timoreilly (via @Boudicca) #openscience

Overselling genomics award #6: Quake/Helicos & the "democratization" of sequencing

New York Times Book Review Use of a "Tree of Life"

New Open Access journal: ‘‘J. of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Research‘‘

Wanted - Bioinformatics Enginner to work on Metagenomics

A passionate call for a new war on cancer by James Watson

PLoS Medicine and NY Times open up can of worms regarding ghostwriting

Quick Post: Some free online children's books with sciency/dental themes at MelTells.Com

Can't get much worse than this: soaking my shorts before my 1st conference talk. Other bad experiences?