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Genome Sequencer FLX Bay Area Regional User Group Meeting

Visit to #UCDavis Bohart Museum of Entomology

Letter from #UCDavis Chancellor Katehi on "Rallies in support of higher education"

New #UCDavis Open Science Group & OpenWetWare page

Evolution word of the week: bislagiatt (& check out WSJ evolution article too)

Funny Mobio ad "No microbe will be left unsequenced" #DNA #genomics

Call me a curmudgeon but I do not do "reciprocal links" on my blog

Bad omics word of the day: religionome

Oldy but baddy: bad omics word of the day - "speechome"

Received my first soliciation regarding "Broader Impact" reqs for grants

A eureka moment - but not of the good kind

End (at least for while) of the bad omics word awards

Carnival of Evolution #20! is out and it's got some good stuff ...

Story behind the science: #PLoS Genetics "Evolutionary mirages" paper

Worst new omics word & bad omics word of the day: receptorome

Bad omics word of the day: vaccinomics