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Note @David_Dobbs @mbeisen had nice family PM yesterday watching wrapup of 2004 ALCS @David_Dobbs @mbeisen

Note @David_Dobbs @mbeisen had nice family PM yesterday watching wrapup of 2004 ALCS @David_Dobbs @mbeisen

Draft blog post cleanup #2: Metagenomics meets animals

Draft blog post cleanup #1: Divide and Conquer to Find Orthologs

UC Davis Chancellor putting increased emphasis on communications

Top 10 Humorous Science Videos of the Year

If you subscribe to the NY Times - you might want to cancel to get their secret discount

Dear Potential Post Doc or PhD Student - top10 ways to get a position in my lab

Some links worth checking out regarding suppressing publishing and bioterrorism

Reminder - Monthly Omics Office Hours at #UCDavis Genome Center - Schedule

Email regarding UC Davis Academic Senate Special Committee re: Pepper Spray

A few tweets about open science for the non twitterati

The must have job of 2012: Faculty position in Evolution of Organismal Diversity at #UCDavis

PROMED-MAIL - Nice resource to keep up with stories on outbreaks of infectious disease

Meeting of interest: 16th Evolutionary Biology Meeting at Marseilles

This land is your land - inspired by Woody

Transfaunation and Fecal Transplants: What Goes Around Comes Around, Literally and Figuratively

Important paper on annotation standards for bacterial/archaeal genomes - readying for the "data deluge"

Arrived at Sacramento Airport to witness nice welcome for troops returning from Iraq

My brother Matthew, a UC Irvine grad. student in sound engineering, takes on the pepper spray issue

Two #UCDavis Academic Senate Ballot Initiatives related to #OccupyUCDavis Pepper Spray Incident

Butterfly exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

Maybe the next thing is animal fecal transplant toys? #poop

My twitter notes from the #NASOneHealth meeting via Storify

Very nice new #PLoSGenetics paper on "Functional Phylogenomics" of Seed Plants

NSF Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation declares success, terminates self

Me, as a Neanderthal

Fun with microbial diversity studies: SitePainter

Art Meets Science at the Keck Center in DC

My kids learn about the center of mass

Pluses and minuses if Wikipediafying your database

Crosspost from - fun stuff from Rob Dunn

Fact Sheet from #UCDavis Administration annotated by some skeptical faculty #OccupyUCDavis

Carl Zimmer on "Who Owns Your Microbes"?

Kids book of interest: Antarctic Adventure

Me and my girl Annapurna

The Rare Biosphere, 2011 report from American Academy of Microbiology

Yes, Colbert did indeed discuss Fecal Transplants #microbeRule

Blast from the past: 1997 Walter J. Gores Teaching Awards at Stanford w/ Condoleezza Rice

NPR Piece on Discovery of Hydrothermal Vent Oasis

Meeting of Faculty in College of Biological Sciences w/ Chancellor Katehi #UCDavis

Meeting of Interest: DOE JGI "Genomics of Energy and Environment" 3/20-22

Twisted Tree of Life Award #12: Billion Year Old Smart Bacteria That Perfectly Treat Cancer

Some new links/information regarding Pepper Spray incident and #UCDavis response

Kroll Associates "fact finding" email re: #OccupyUCDavis #UCDavis

Have a bite while talking about bits & bytes #UCDavis

His fees are hella high - perspective from a #UCDavis student #OccupyUCDavis

#UCDavis Genome Center Omics Office Hours

#badomics word for the week: nascentome