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I get complaints; and I want more (plus other comments) about #PLoS Biology

Nature's publishing machine really wants you to pay for stuff, even if it is supposed to be free #OA #fb

A must read for anyone interested in #OpenScience: Peter Suber's review of 2010

Word clouds of Obama State of the Union speech and Republican Response

DOE JGI Microbial Genomics & Metagenomics Workshops 2/7-11; 5/9-13, 9/26-30

Metagenomics/bioinformatics/microbiology job of the week: Chisholm lab at MIT

Phylogeny rules:

Microbiology curators - coming to a museum near you - and about time

It drives me crazy when the term "open access" is used for anything free of charge

Nature new PLoS One like journal "Scientific Reports"