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Guest post from Antarctica: Joe Grzymski (@grzymski) on "The Story Behind Nitrogen Cost-Minimization"

Story behind the paper: small RNAs in diatom (interview w/ Andrew Allen)

Blast from the past: video of a talk I gave in 2006 #metagenomics

Once again, using nice "Tree of Life" video from Yale Peabody Museum for #UCDavis Course

Crosspost from A very misleading “bacteria in buildings” advertisement presented as “news”

Special Guest Post & Discussion Invitation from Matthew Hahn on Ortholog Conjecture Paper

Interested in sex? How about in bacteria? Then these #PLoSGenetics papers are for you

Put down what you are doing & read this article: Amy Harmon "Autistic & seeking a place in an adult world"

Researchers seeking volunteers who have had HAPE (high altitude pulmonary edema)

Assemblathon 1 paper out, includes many #UCDavis folks, though @vsbuffalo name backwards

Can I just say I love Biomed Central #OpenAccess

Umm - thanks for the invitation but, umm - not going to go to this meeting

C-DEBI Research Support > Request for Research Proposals

John Madden discussing his dog's surgery at #UCDavis on #KCBS this AM

Great paper showing the potential power of comparative and evolutionary genomics in #PLoS Genetics

Panel from Science Online London (SOLO11): Linking with the Literature – the Arsenic Story

Sharing what I have been learning about sharing audio synched to slides for talks #Slideshare #Youtube #SciVee

Storification of my notes/tweets from #UCDavis CLIMB Symposium "The infant gut microbiome: prebiotics, probiotics and establishment"

More on the Bioweathermap project #NotAboutWeather #ItsAboutMicrobes #AndMoney #CitizenMicrobiology

No award to give out but here are some lessons in using Google's image search to find an image source

Coming Monday at #UCDavis "The Infant Gut Microbiome: Prebiotics, Probiotics, & Establishment"

Email phishing - does anyone still fall for these? #SPAM

Germophobia: wanna get people in the mood for "Contagion" movie about killer virus - grow harmless microbes in public #microbialart

O Na Na; Chemistry fun from the Women's Leadership Program at GWU; oh, and my mom

A Forest (Rohwer that is) on Black Reefs, Shipwrecks and Coral Reef Conservation

Attention - all interested in synthetic biology - DARPA is interested, big time

Figuring out FigShare (@FigShare) & Digging into Digital Science (@digitalsci) #OpenData

Garage science: why skyping in to a meeting at 2:30 AM can be, well, interesting #SOLO11

What is a nice chloroplast like you doing in a parasite like that?

My science communication hero/heroine of the month - Dr. Kiki @drkiki

Fun with Pubmed central - first paper describing #HeLa cells - Note @rebeccaskloot

Calling all authors, bloggers, reporters - please help with aggregating discussions of scientific papers

More on 'phylogenomics' - as in functional prediction w/ phylogeny

Some links on "ortholog conjecture" paper and critiques of it

Playing around with CloVR - cloud computing bioinformatics system

I think that I shall never see - metagenomic analysis as lovely as a tree #PhylogenyRules #PLoSOne

Mendelspod interview with, well, me, discussing science, pranks, evolution and more

Guardians of microbial diversity: some follow up links re species counting

Structures, structures, and structures: Structural genomics of infectious disease drug targets: the SSGCID