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More bio preprint discussion sites ...

Re-reading this on "Why women leave academia and why universities should be worried"

The human microbiome never looked so good

Is the New York Times microbial diversity centric?

Twisted Tree of Life Award #16: Nature & Authors doing taxonomic alchemy converting an archaeon to a bacterium

I so want a few 1000 of these: Mobile Robotic Laboratory from MBARI

ASM2013 - One of the best parts - meeting the "Young Ambassadors"

Worth a look: PhyloFacts FAT-CAT web server: ortholog identification & function prediction

Story behind the paper: from Jeremy Barr on "Bacteriophage and mucus. Two unlikely entities, or an exceptional symbiosis? "

Cool bacterial art makes gizmodo #MicrobialArt

Thoughts on Citizen Microbiology and upcoming session at #ASM2013

Excellent piece in the NY Times Magazine by @michaelpollan "Some of my best friends are germs" #ASM2013

Just in time for #ASM2013 - FDA adding regulations for fecal transplants #microbiome

Thanks to Software Carpentry (@swcarpentry) for coming to #UCDavis

ICG Europe starts w/ "Omics & the future of man" & sticks to men the rest of the time

No need to oversell the human microbiome with studies like these ...

Twisted tree of life award #15: NBC News on "Junk DNA mystery"

Crosspost: Woohoo – two more genome announcement papers from our undergraduate project on built environment reference genomes

YAMMGM: Yet another mostly male genomics meeting #2: Beyond the Genome 2013

A good thing: More and more biology papers showing up in arXiv

The need for a phylogeny driven genomic encyclopedia of eukaryotes

I love this ... "Dr. Eleanor's Book of Common Ants" based in part on citizen science data