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Microbiomania and Fecal Transplants

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Ending Candidatus and Culture Bias in Microbial Species Naming ...

BLAST from the past - a bit of history behind Craig Pikaard's discovery in 2000 of RNA Pol IV in Arabidopsis

My personal thoughts on Bordenstein & Theis Holobiont Paper - part 3 - terminology

My personal thoughts on Bordenstein and Theis Holobiont Paper - part 2

My personal thoughts on Bordenstein and Theis: Host Biology in Light of the Microbiome: Ten Principles of Holobionts and Hologenomes.

A novel way to help do something novel and useful in #STEM - support Detective Dot

Next-Gen Immunology: Yet Another Mostly Male Meeting #YAMMM (hosted by @WeizmannScience sponsored by EMBO)

And the journal editorial board SPAM continues - Austin Biology